BELGRADE – Serbian Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic stated that what happened in Srebrenica on Saturday was an attempted murder of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, adding that the incident had “a political background.”


Stefanovic told Belgrade-based Pink TV that his department had information that something similar could happen, but added it turned out that these groups are even more extreme, as the attack was carried out in the most monstrous way – by stoning.

The police of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) just stood by and watched, the minister said, adding he was shocked by the fact that someone managed to come so close to the Prime Minister to punch him.

We wanted Prime Minister Vucic to be guarded by Republika Srpska’s special police, as the Interior Ministry has good cooperation with them and trusts them, but the response from BiH was that they could not guarantee he will be safe or even enter BiH, Stefanovic said.

He went on by saying that BiH’s conditions were accepted after consultations with Vucic, who did not want to question the visit, stressing he is disappointed with poor security measures in BiH.

The minister also said that the outcome of the attack could have been tragic had it not been for Vucic’s security, and added he is sorry that there has not been any reaction or apology from BiH by those who are expected to offer it.