SREBRENICA – The Mothers of Srebrenica association said Tuesday that those who had organized the attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic at the commemoration to the Srebrenica victims in the Potocari village meant no good to Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and the victims’ relatives.President of the Mothers of the Srebrenica and Zepa Enclaves association Munira Subasic told Belgrade-based daily Blic that the Serbian prime minister had obviously been driven through a mass of people in order to have him exposed to risk.

Srebrenica - Photo:  Samum / Wikipedia
Srebrenica – Photo: Samum / Wikipedia

“The police must not make such mistakes,” said Subasic, who believes that the attack on the Serbian prime minister was planned and that the unfortunate event has left the mothers and relatives of the victims humiliated.

Hatidza Mehmedovic, who pinned the ‘Flower of Srebrenica’ on Prime Minister Vucic’s lapel after he signed a book of condolences in Potocari that day, said that she had spoken as one of the mothers and had asked Vucic to “do everything in his power to make Bosnia a safe and peaceful place that all its citizens may be proud of.”

“The attack on the prime minister of Serbia must not have been allowed to happen anywhere, and certainly not at such a holy site,” Mehmedovic said, stressing that Vucic’s visit was an important step on the path to reconciliation between the Bosniaks and Serbs.