BELGRADE – Tesla Global Forum and Telekom Srbija have presented the Nikola Tesla Virtual Museum, a unique internet portal dedicated to the famous Serb scientist and inventor, Telekom Srbija released on Friday.


What sets this virtual museum apart from all other forums, institutions and museums promoting the legacy of the great scientist is a high level of accuracy and reliability of all information on Tesla and exclusive content on his work.

After the virtual museum honoring Mihajlo Pupin, we wanted to pay tribute to another scientist without whom the modern world of telecommunications would not exist, said Marija Boskovic, Telekom Srbija’s PR manager.

The Nikola Tesla Virtual Museum is designed as a comprehensive tour through the life and work of one of the greatest scientists of all times. The online platform also presents the Tesla Network, which comprises associations around the world dedicated to his legacy.

The virtual museum can be toured on