Pupovac: Anti-Serb campaign in Croatia intensifies


BELGRADE – The position of Serbs in Croatia has aggravated over the past three years as intolerance and nationalist atmosphere have been renewed, President of the Serb National Council in Croatia Milorad Pupovac stated.


Anti-minority actions, and especially anti-Serb campaign, are very powerful, Pupovac told the Belgrade-based daily Danas on Friday, adding that the campaign against the Cyrillic (Serb) script was especially intense and its consequences are still felt. Such an atmosphere and campaign produce fears and escape from identity, Pupovac said.

Such campaign is blocking the government in the attempts to fulfil its obligations towards Serbs and its obligations deriving from the accession contract with the EU, Pupovac said in the talks to mark the 20th anniversary of the military operation Storm which led to death of over 2,000 and banishment of 230,000 more Serbs.

It would not be good if this situation was to persevere and if the EU and the world were to show no interest in the situation, he noted.

Commenting on the military parade which should be organised in Croatia on August 4 to celebrate the anniversary of Operation Storm, Pupovac warned that the celebration of this action could potentially become a crisis spot in the ties with Serbia.

After generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac were acquitted of responsibility for the crime (by a ruling of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia), the little sense of responsibility for banishment, murders, destruction and hindrance of return of a large majority of one ethnic groups is gradually fading in Croatia, Pupovac concluded.


  1. The problem with the Croatian people is, they are unable to satisfied. Their past 20 years of conduct and behavior has displayed much to the country’s that initially supported them. There are organizations that have been monitoring this situation the past three or so, years. Always remember the Russians will not, shall not tolerate facists or their practices. Croatia has much to lose, they gained much by uprising and declaring independence. Now, they’re more vulnerable than ever considering what America since 2002 has displayed to the world. It is rather simple foreign nation to enter another nation on the grounds of instability. Something tells me personally, Croatia remains unhappy and unstable and their dreams of the EU only have realized. Worse, now the EU in demise and America an absolute fail and proof in their own conduct of lies and deceit to wage war and the loot other nations and gold and precious metals, natural resources to only try and save themselves from their own financial ruin. Even Slo is embarrassed. Regardless, a few key organizations are monitoring