Schulz: Serbia Can Forge “Bridge” Between Russia and EU

BRUSSELS – Serbia can play a key role in developing better relations between Russia and the European Union (EU), said Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, according to Euronews.


The Balkan country has strong historical ties with Russia and therefore it could act as the “connecting bridge” between Moscow and Brussels. Serbia could become an example, where the ideas and moral values of both Russia and the EU could coexist and even thrive, Schulz said. That’s why it’s important for Brussels to work towards granting Serbia EU membership.

Having just returned from his visit to the Balkan country, Schulz said that the EU and Serbia will start the accession process this year, Sputnik reports.


  1. How can it act as, ” The Bridge” between to opposing sides when you want it a member of one side? Am i not understanding this as i should or is someone an absolute “R-tard” here? Serbia is natural as it stands therefor, any change into the EU would make it a “BIAS” nation and defeat such purpose. Stop trying to find BS reasons for Serbia to join EU, it will not, shall not, ever happen! Serbs do not need to have what has happened to other former YU nations! (Keep your Nazi control measures to yourselves, Serbia is perhaps the only civilized nation with true liberty and freedom left). No thx!