KRALJEVO – On the mountain Stolovi near Kraljevo, on the peak Usovic, at an altitude of 1,375 meters, will be set an Orthodox cross 33.5 meters high, weighing 40 tons, writes Serbian daily “Blic”.


Diocese in Zica gave its blessing for placing the cross in 2007. The cross will cost more than 100,000 euros. The plan is that the cross is illuminated at night, with electricity which will be generated from the sun or wind.

“The cross will 33.5 meters high because Christ was 33.5 years old when he was crucified, it will weigh 40 tons and will be seen from many parts of Serbia, from Jastrebac, Rudnik, Kopaonik… The
electricity to illuminate the cross will be generated from solar cells or mini-wind turbines which will be placed on top. It is difficult to say how much it will cost, but certainly more than 100,000 euros,” said priest Ljubinko Kostic for “Blic”, president of the board for raising the cross, stressing that the blessing was received from the newly appointed Bishop of Zica Justin.

According to him, the funds are raised solely through donations, and so far 7,000 euros was spent on building the access road to the peak, where the works will be carried out.

“Concrete works and the construction of the bracket will begin the following days. It is difficult to say when it will be finished, because if there were no earthquakes and floods in Kraljevo, the cross
would have probably already been built. Fundraising is going well and we expect this project to be realized as soon as possible,” said the priest.

The idea of raising the cross came from the mountain society “Gvozdac” from Kraljevo 8 years ago, which was then supported by the blessing of the Bishop Hristozom, the then Bishop of the Diocese of Zica. Public Company “Srbija Sume” ceded the land at the very peak to the Diocese, to place a cross that will be facing Kraljevo.

As the daily learned, the basis for the cross will be excavated at the depth of three meters.