SAVINAC – Oak in the village of Savinac, aged more than 600 years, was cut during last night, it was announced from the local community. It was done by three workers hired by the construction company “Planum”.

Photo: Aleksandra Milovanovic
Photo: Aleksandra Milovanovic

As the workers said for Beta agency, the cutting began at five o’clock in the morning, and it was finished at 6.30 when the oak was cut. Locals have not created any problems.

Two workers did not want to say their names, and Dragan Jovicic (53) from Belanovica near Ljig said that they worked with three saws and that he has not cut a bigger oak in his life.

“I have no prejudices for doing this nor I fear for the consequences because the church dignitaries consented that the oak is cut, and in 20 years it would dry anyway,” Jovcic said.

The huge tree stump is completely rotten in the middle, but none of the locals wants to come and see it.

According to Beta agency, the construction company hired workers to cut the oak.

Workers are clearing the field so the machinery of the Azerbaijani company “Az Virt” continue with the construction of the Corridor 11.

Oak – religious “inscription” on the highway Belgrade – South Adriatic, was cut “in an undignified manner”, said president of the local community Milisa Nikolic, and it was done in the dark, hiding the act from the public.

“If the courage was needed to cut it, it should have been done during the day, with presence of a pries because that tree is sacred and over 600 years old, and it is not right to cut it when the vampires come out,” Nikolic said for Beta.

He added that he is aware that the oak is dry, but that its cutting was done in an “undignified way”.

He said that residents of the village Savinac will not go near the place where the old oak was, nor will organize any protests because it is a done deal.

The cutting of the oak was announced by the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic, and locals sent her a message to come and do it herself.