BELGRADE – The Serbian parliament adopted on Thursday the amendments to the Law on Police which envisage that the search for missing persons is to begin immediately, without a 48-hour delay following the submission of report on disappearance as was the case until now.

Tijana Juric
Tijana Juric

The amended law, known as Tijana’s law in the Serbian public, was adopted at the initiative of the family of late teenager Tijana Juric whose disappearance in July 2014 caused great alarm in Serbia.

Tijana, aged 15, was kidnapped by Dragan Djuric from Surcin who was staying at Bajmok at the time. Djuric then brutally murdered the girl and buried her body in the vicinity of Sombor. Shortly thereon, two more teens, Ivana Podrasic, aged 14 and Dragana Ciric, aged 18, were raped and murdered.

Tijana’s father Igor Juric filed draft amendments to the Law on Police on August 30, 2014, and the motion won support of dozens of thousands of Facebook users. MP Sasa Mirkovic filed to the parliament the draft bill of amendments to Article 72 of the Law on Police in December 2014.

Tijana’s law will be enforced immediately upon publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia and it will make room for more efficient organisation of the Serbian Ministry of Interior and its urgent response in high risk cases.

According to the provisions of the law, the police have the obligation to use all available measures and instruments without delay in case of an individual’s disappearance, which should help improve the efficiency of police investigations in kidnapping and disappearance cases where reported missing persons are minors.