MOSCOW – Serbia sees as an archaic political tool and has no plans of joining the anti-Russia restrictions imposed by the European Union, Ambassador of Serbia to Russia Slavenko Terzic said Saturday, Sputnik reported.


“Serbia, as you know, had not joined the [anti-Russia] sanctions and is not planning to do it. We routinely reiterate it to our European partners,” Terzic said.

According to the agency, the Serbian ambassador also expressed hope that the European Union would lift its restrictions.

“Sanctions are not the best or effective mean to solve [the Ukrainian crisis]. We need to talk, have a dialogue, and sanctions, the way I see it, are an archaic political tool in international relations,” Terzic said.

Over the past year, the West has introduced several rounds of economic sanctions against Russia over its alleged involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, even though Moscow has repeatedly denied the claims, writes Sputnik.

Serbia, which maintains close ties with both Russia and the West and is seeking to join the European Union, has declined to join in imposing sanctions on Moscow.