BUDAPEST – Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic received a new, modified version of the British resolution on Srebrenica, which contains elements of Russia’s resolution on the issue, Tanjug learned from at least two sources.


According to the sources, Vucic got the new text upon arriving to Budapest on Wednesday, where he is co-chairing the joint sitting of the Serbian and Hungarian governments together with Viktor Orban.

In the first version, the British resolution condemns the crime committed against Bosniaks in Srebrenica, labeling it as genocide.

Russia’s resolution, on the other hand, condemns “the most serious crimes that concern the international community as a whole, committed during the clash in former Yugoslavia against people of different ethnic origin and religion.”

Belgrade-based daily Blic reports the part of the text referring to sex crimes to which the Prime Minister has made an objection is now mitigated. The new British resolution now says that all participants in the conflict committed sex crimes, pointing out that the existence of genocide must not be negated.