“Allahu Akbar”: Serbia’s Prime Minister Attacked In Srebrenica (video)

POTOCARI – Serbia’s prime minister Aleksandar Vucic has been chased out of a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre by a huge crowd throwing stones and bottles.

Vucic attended the commemoration service on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of crime in Srebrenica at the Potocari Memorial Center on Saturday.

The prime minister previously visited a photo exhibition dubbed Srebrenica-Potocari 1995-2015 at the Memorial Hall and signed the book of condolences in the presence of a large number of media.

“I hope that such a terrible crime will not happen again. Confident of a different, better future in relations between Serbs and Bosniaks, I express my deepest respect for all the victims and their families,” Vucic stated.

“Here in Srebrenica each one of us has to bow our head, not forget, and start building a different future,” he wrote in the book of condolences.

While the prime minister was entering the hall, a group of people who gathered there booed and protested, but the women, whose relatives were killed in Srebrenica, shook his hand, while one of them even hugged him.

Mothers of Srebrenica welcomed Vucic and had a conversation with him. Hatidze Mehmedovic put a flower on the prime minister’s lapel and said: “This is a symbol of suffering. We ask you on behalf of our youth to help Bosnia-Herzegovina become a functional country. We kindly ask you that in the name of these tombstones.”

But the crowd turned on Aleksandar Vucic, who was whisked away by bodyguards. The delegation were seen running for their cars and a Bosnian government source later said they had left the site.

The attackers shouted at the same time “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and “Die, Chetnik” (member of the Royal Yugoslav Army).


The police intervened and clashed with the crowd, and the Serbian prime minister and his delegation were evacuated from Potocari, Tanjug’s on-the-scene reporters said.

“What we expected and cautioned about has just happened,” Interior Minister of Republika Srpska Dragan Lukac told Tanjug.


He said that Vucic, his security and police officers received several blows, adding that the Serbian delegation was successfully evacuated towards Skelani, on the BiH border with Serbia.

Lukac stated that Slovenian President Borut Pahor suffered a similar attack, but was also protected by the police and safely escorted to the police station in Srebrenica.

“This is a scandalous attack and I can say it can be seen as an assassination attempt,” the Serbian interior minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic, said on Serbian Pink television. “Bosnia has failed to create even the minimal conditions for the safety of the prime minister.”


  1. Yup! What a moron, to show up at a Anti-Serb celebration. That is why President Tomic declined so, the Serbian “Mr.Democracy” leader went. Just because you brown nose the white house & british gay parades doesn’t mean the muslims love ya! Regardless, Many Westerners have been here long enough, to read between the lines on such articles, everyone (capitalists) supporting the poor muslims except, where US/UN/NATO are bombing right now, to make them all scatter into a New World Order to ATTEMPT (keyword) to make Islam/Muslam blend in. F that agenda!!! (big time!)

    Perhaps, the most important matter would be, too obvious ;
    How many muslim “Rock Throwers” were arrested?

    Just by simple equation to show how Serbia is “OutCast” by Capitalist Nations, compared to the “One dude” who threw 2 shoes at Idiot Bush in Iran and got years in prison! . . . to the multitude of others who even though “pies” (whip cream) were thrown at Paul Martin & Stephen Harper in Canada and all still doing jail time. The fact remains those are acts of aggression upon a ” NATION ” except when it comes to Russia & Serbia of course!

    Next time, Serbia will finish what others have started. Peace is on the horizon.

  2. “Yup! What a moron, to show up at a Anti-Serb celebration.”

    You said it. Vucic is a dumb food – I’ve said repeatedly how stupid he is. He even looks stupid, with his “hang-dog” face and spaced-out expression.
    I do not know why Serbs aren’t protesting him and his sell-out government more – why they don’t kick him out of office.
    If the Bosniaks had put him in a coma or killed him, it would have served him right for being so utterly stupid and saying senseless platitudes which ignore the reality: that Bosniaks want to push out all Serbs of BiH and have it to themselves, and that they constantly lie along with the western countries and their media who push this propaganda for their own agenda.
    This (phony) “genocide” celebration is used to gear up hate for Serbs and keep the fires and propaganda stoked hot.

    • Totally Agree!
      Serbia is not at like Serbia once was. Once upon a time, people like MADeline Albright and Bully Clinton would have never been able to step foot in such a gathering because they would be leaving in a box! Once upon a time, No one would have been able to make a mockery of Serbs or Serbia without having regretted it ie; Hitler, Stalin, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie etc. Serbia, was anything but, pussy once upon a time? Today, the Serb youth are only gamers with the aspirations of moving to Hollywood in the west and finding the big dream job with, the dream cash that only 1 in a million manage to achieve by way of life insurance, crime or marriage anyways! The devastation caused to this once great nation by the west shall continue to be paid back by Karma as it is with a total loser nation full of out of work, anti-family, greedy, gays, high on crack, murdering authorities etc and all non stop! Perhaps Texas will too, separate? Russia + China shall not permit this behaviour & conduct from a self proclaimed super power either. Serbia needs to know who its true allies are and not go the way of Vucic and his hooligan administration, gamers!

  3. The Prime Minister IMO “has been sent” to this commemoration by “higher” authority.
    May be he himself might already be in the EU-system (my guess!). After all he has to prepare the transition of the country from independent to slavery.

    During and current time I continuously wonder what in heavens name is Serbia looking for in a Europe that is nearly in tatters, lots of unemployment people, an aggressive militairy towards the rest of the globe (NATO) under direction of the US Corporation, creating havoc, chaos, killings, murders, regime changes, steeling land from countries, steeling resources from countries, promising heaven on earth when countries will join this “boys club”.

    What I believe is going on in Serbia, carried out by the serbian politicians is,
    a) making on advice of Goldman Sachs and IMF building up hugh debts, all borrowing from IMF and other US-funds; T
    b) as a result to make the people of Serbian pay for these hugh created debt in the many years to come;
    c) the best way to cripple Serbia in a fast way is that EU have you to fulfill “bankers requirements” or politically correct: preparing the country for entry in EU-club (lots of investment moneys, preparing serbian security forces to fit into NATO buy telling Serbia that your army is outdated and you have to buy “up-to-date equipment and other killing toys to support the transition into the NEW WORLD ORDER;
    d) outside-forces create from time to time unrest in the country and bring fear upon the people by means of false flag operations;
    e) the serbian communications (including TV, Radio and Newspapers) are already monitored and under supervision of the infamous US Retired Al CIAda-general Pitraeus.
    d) Kosovo will be used to get the Serbs on their knees;

    IMO, The prime minister is a moron who is softly handing over country Serbia to EU as the EU have already handed over Europe to US Corporation. There is a hierarchy in handing over countries in the chain of command.
    “Corporation-in-the-making”-Europe is represented by an employee of the US State Department (the political wing of AL CIAda and FBI) namely the new governor of Europe, Ms. Cookie Nuland. She is in the right place for she is very experienced how to topple sorry change regimes in Eastern Europe and will try this concept in the Balkans, Baltics and Euroasian as well.

    That is my comment and vision why your man had to be on this commemoration.
    I feel sorry for the people of Serbia while I observe in what direction is being steered: you shall have to give up your independence once you are member of the clubs. Period.