BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic stated on Friday that Serbia would see it as an insult if foreign officials were to attend the military parade in Croatia to mark the 20th anniversary of Operation Storm.


Vucic noted that he informed ministers of some countries that Serbia would see their presence at the military parade in Zagreb as an insult.

We believe that there is nothing to celebrate on that day, Vucic told a news conference.

He said that Serbia can understand Croatia’s internal motives for celebrating Operation Storm but cannot agree with or justify them.

Whatever the motive could be for, say, Hungary to take part in such an event on the day when hundreds of Serbs were murdered and hundreds of thousands were banished, Vucic asked. What is so nice or good about that, he asked.

Recalling that representatives of certain countries renounced attendance at the military parade to mark the anniversary of Operation Storm, Vucic noted that it is positive that Serbia’s stand is respected.

He recalled that the governments of Serbia and Republika Srpska adopted the decision at the recently held session that August 5 should in the future be celebrated as the Memory Day in honour of Serbs killed and banished in Croatia’s military operation Storm.

They (Croats) intend to stage a major celebration, but the day shall be a day of grief for us from now on, Vucic said and underscored that this is one of the most regrettable days in the Serbian history.