BRATUNAC – Serbian Minister of Labor, Social and Veteran Policy Aleksandar Vulin said Saturday that no apology has yet come forth from anyone for war crimes committed against Serbs.


“How many hundreds of thousands of killed, massacred and persecuted Serbs should fall before anyone apologized,” Vulin asked during a commemoration held in the town of Bratunac to mark 23 years since the perpetration of crimes by forces of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) against Serbs in the Drina Valley region of eastern BiH.

“What else needs to happen before anyone from the other nation (the Croatian and Bosniak) bowed their head before the Serb victims in Jadovno, Jasenovac or Bratunac,” he asked.

Vulin said that the Islamic Declaration (written by former BiH Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic) set the goal of creating an “Islamic State” and that the first Christian head had not been cut off in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq, but rather in eastern Bosnia.

“The first head that was cut off, the head of Serb Dragan Popovic, was severed here, before the eyes of Europe and the entire world, but they were looking away in search of ways to justify the creation of new states, the dismemberment (of Yugoslavia) and the bombing (of Serbia),” the Serbian minister said.

Pointing out that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic expressed his willingness to bow his head and pay his respects to the victims of the Srebrenica crime, Vulin stressed that others should follow his example, for the sake of justice and regional reconciliation.