SREMSKA RACA – The whole world knows well who organized Operation Storm and who “in such a sly and mean manner exiled 250,000 people from their homes,” Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandar Chepurin said on Tuesday, as he attended the central commemoration ceremony for Operation Storm victims organized in Sremska Raca.

Photo: RTV
Photo: RTV

“I was very moved by not seeing anyone here who feels guilty. Everyone is always asking Serbs to feel guilty for their sins, while nobody is taking the responsibility for this tragedy,” Sputnik News Agency quoted Churkin.

The ambassador described Croatia’s operation launched 20 years ago as the worst thing that happened to a people after the Second World War.

He believes Serbian authorities were “very right” to mark remembrance day for the victims, and stressed it is “very important to remember one’s history.”

“Serbia’s history is great, but at the same time tragic, and precisely for that reason such events should be organized, so that similar tragedies never happened again,” Chepurin stressed.