Croatia: “You are not welcome” engraved on Mercedes with Belgrade licence plates

DUBROVNIK – Unidentified individuals damaged a vehicle with Belgrade licence plates which was parked in the vicinity of Pasjac in Konavle in Croatia and engraved the message ‘You are not welcome’ and ‘Storm 1995 get lost’ on the car exterior, portal reported.

Photo: Dubrovacki Dnevnik

Apart from the inappropriate messages, vandals left visible signs of extensive damage on the Merzedes vehicle owned by a 22-year old Serbian citizen.

The police confirmed that the search for the perpetrators of the incident is underway. The incident occurred on Monday and the Dubrovnik Prosecutor’s office has been notified about the event.

According to the findings of the Dubrovnik-based news portal, the car was used by two young couples, Belgrade students, who spent a part of the holiday in Dubrovnik without any problems before arriving in Konavle.


  1. Well Serbs who keep patronizing Croats and Croatia, despite what that country did and is still doing to Serbs (preventing ethnically cleansed Serbs from returning, attacking Serbs still, attacks on Cyrillic language, etc.) shouldn’t get much sympathy. Plus they can easily afford to get their cars repainted if they are driving Mercedes.
    Also this shows they, or their parents, are patronizing German companies, despite Germany’s repeated genocides and support of genocides against Serbs.