EU wants to place 400,000 asylum seekers in Serbia?


BELGRADE – EU does not have a solution for the problem with migrants it is facing on its territory, so seeks for one in the Balkans, and perhaps even in southern Serbia, writes Serbian daily “Blic”.


Thus, Serbia could soon see a center for 400,000 asylum seekers on its territory, said for “Blic” Momir Stojanovic, president of the Parliamentary Committee for Defense and Security and added:

“As the EU does not have a solution for the big problem with migrants, one possibility is to finance the construction of a large center for migrants. There is a speculation that the EU wants such a center somewhere in the Balkans, and that the chances are great that the location for it is in Serbia. It is also being said that the location for the center could be somewhere in southern Serbia and that such a city for asylum seekers would most probably be prefabricated.”

He added, however, that Serbia should not agree to this.

“I hope that there will be no pressure on us to agree to build such a center, because even if only a fifth of these people would stay in Serbia, it would be a great economic and security problem,” he said.

On the other hand, Minister Of Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin denies information provided by Stojanovic and said for “Blic” that construction of such centre is nor a plan, nor is it possible.

“Serbia does not have the capacity to do so, nor would ever enter into such a project. We fulfill our international obligations towards asylum seekers and to persons coming from readmission. Serbia is not building any permanent center for accommodation of migrants nor will build them,” said Vulin.

Nenad Ivanisevic, Deputy Minister in the Working Group on Migration, confirmed that the construction of such a centre can only be planned by the Government of Serbia, which has never discussed it.

“Our idea is to build several points where these people will be provided with aid, as it is already being done in Subotica, Kanjiza, Presevo,” said Ivanisevic.

More than 1,000 immigrants enter Serbia daily, and the most recent estimation is that there are about 70,000 of them in Serbia. They go through five centers for asylum seekers, concludes the daily.


    • You insult many peoples of Kosovo who not refugeeies. These people com from nearby country long time ago and they still looking for jobs from 1960s but, they not refugees just forever unemployable? OK !!!

  1. This would only prove that the EU/NATO are major liars + hypocrites! Serbia? The same place they kept pounding media reports of the country as aggressors and a very awful treatment of ethnic peoples? Therefor Peacekeepers (NATO) had to became the aggressive front line to protect the minorities from Serbs? These lis have been so exposed but the EU now wishing to do something like this only once again shows who the hypocrites and real bigots are beyond a doubt!

    • EU is playing dirty with the Balkans. First of all this is not a Serbian or Hungarian or Bulgarian problem, all these illegals must be deported, problem solved. Why can’t non-warring countries around them take them in. They would at least share the same cultures.

  2. Let’s be clear, the United States of propaganda has been invading the Middle East since the beginning of 2002. Anyone with average IQ certainly can connect the dots that america’s agenda has been to rob plunder and steel as much tangible gold, silver, precious metals not limited to natural resources from all of the countries on the U.S. Hit list. The EU inclusive of NATO and the UN have just sat by and watched the American mayhem. This is clearly a responsibility of the UN. and the EU for allowing, participating in such atrocities. The least they can do, is take their own innocent victims in! Now, that is getting to the point, and being clear!

  3. My heart just dropped when I read this. Of course the Islamization/racial destruction of Serbia is high on the West’s agenda. What better way to destroy the Serbs finally and completely?

    • Well spoken but, do not lose faith. Serbs have history of pulling through on the 11th hour, everytime by whatever means possible and I sure don’t want to be around in serbia with the Westerners when shit hits the fan because this time knowing what Serbs now know it won’t be anything but, timed and by full-force even if they have to build 20foot border wall like the Hungarians/Jews & EU. Serbs are great students and fast learners where EVERYTHING can change in 1Day.