BELGRADE – Almost 90 percent of immigrants coming from Arab countries to Serbia claim that were born on January 1st, writes Serbian daily “Kurir”.


According to the daily, most of them, about a 1,000 entering the country every day, does not even have any documents with them.

“Upon entering we take fingerprints, but these checks take a long time. They come without documents, and when we ask them for some basic information, for example, when they were born, in 90 percent of cases they answer January 1st and then say the year. We are sure that they do not tell us the right information… All this makes identifying them even harder for us. Otherwise, mostly from Macedonia to Serbia daily enters about 1,000 immigrants,” said a source in the Border Police for the daily.

He explained that every country, as well as Interpol, has its own database, but that it is not absolutely covered.

“Some countries in the world do not have up-to-date databases, and this primarily refers to the countries in Africa and Asia, and those are countries from which we receive the largest number of immigrants. In that case, if necessary, we directly ask the country for which we are certain that the person we are investigating is their citizen, and send them their photograph and fingerprints, and we receive answers on standard Interpol forms. As most of them come from war-torn areas, it happens that we wait for feedback for months, and some we have never received,” the source added.