BELGRADE – One of the stops for numerous migrants mainly from Syria and Afghanistan is Belgrade, where they usually gather in parks nearby the railway and bus stations in the city center.


In one day, there are between 500 and 700 migrants in the parks, 90 percent of whom are on their way to Germany as their final destination.

They do not want to be in front of the cameras and are afraid for their families and cousins that they left behind in the war-torn regions. They have no remarks about the way Serbian people treat them.

Aside from the Belgrade Center for Human Rights activists, who offer them the legal assistance in the asylum seeking process, they are also visited by NGOs, whose volunteers provide them with the bare necessities for maintaining personal hygiene and food.

Clothes are also being provided by citizens.

There are both young and old people among them and entire families, and while the grownups have great concerns, the children are playing carelessly.

Being forced to flee into exile, migrants view Belgrade parks as a stop on their way to a better life where they eat, sleep and dry their laundry.