GORAZDEVAC – Thursday marks 12 years since the killing of two and wounding of four Serb children in Gorazdevac, near Pec, Kosovo-Metohija, but no one has as yet been called to account for the crime.


Despite a EUR 1 million reward and pledges by UNMIK officials to, as they said, leave no stone unturned to find them, the killers of the innocent boys remain unknown.

A prosecutor from the Kosovo special prosecution office closed the case in 2010 after, according to an EULEX statement at the time, a police investigation had led to no results or potential suspects, but pledged to re-open it in case new information emerges.

Ivan Jovovic, 19, and Pantelija Dakic, 12, were killed by machine gun fire, and their friends Bogdan Bukumiric, 14, Marko Bogicevic, 12, Dragana Srbljak, 13, and Djorde Ugrenovic, 20, were seriously wounded while swimming in the Bistrica River.

After the attack, UNMIK said in a statement that an unknown number of people who were hiding in bushes fired AK-47 machine guns at around 50 Serb children and youths from Gorazdevac.

In the investigation, the Kosovo police heard 75 witnesses and also searched 100 houses, but without concrete results.

The murder was condemned by national and international officials, and the tragic event prompted a UN Security Council session.

The killing on the Bistrica River is considered to be one of the four biggest crimes against Serbs since 1999 and the arrival of the international mission in Kosovo.

Fewer than 1,000 Serbs remain in Gorazdevac today and are completely surrounded by ethnic Albanians.