BANJA LUKA – Serbia is nobody’s puppet; it is a free and orderly state with its place in the international community, a reliable partner and a factor of stability in the Balkans, said Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, stressing that in the interest of peace in Europe, this fact needs to be better appreciated.


This is the reason why the Serbian government has intensified its diplomatic activities and talks with the Western partners, trying to convince them to change their approach to Serbia, Vucic said in an interview for Press Online, a news portal in Republika Srpska.

The prime minister explained that Serbia has not joined the EU yet, but that when it does become a member state, its obligations will change.

“We seek to join the EU, to achieve its standards, but also to preserve our good relations with Russia. For historic, and also for economic reasons. Sanctions are not the best way to resolve international conflicts,” said Vucic.

In response to a comment that the right-wing groups are accusing him of betraying Serbia and turning his back on Russia, Vucic pointed out that Serbia has close military cooperation both with the NATO and with Russia.