THE HAGUE – Former Republika Srpska president and a Hague indictee Radovan Karadzic has sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in which he warns about the alarmingly high rate of malignant diseases among the inmates in the UN detention unit in Scheveningen, urging him to request an investigation into the matter.


Karadzic said that there had been two cases of sudden death, two suicides and 11 suffering from cancer or leukemia, adding that he had had a gall bladder operation and his blood sugar levels soared unexpectedly during his stay in prison and he had been healthy before ariving in The Hague.

Karadzic urged Ban to launch an UN probe in cooperation with the Red Cross and the World Health Organization, since the relevant bodies in The Hague had rejected a proposal to start an investigation into the serious morbidity in the remand prison.