Euro 2016: Albania 0 – 2 Serbia

ELBASAN – Two late strikes from Aleksandar Kolarov and Adem Ljajic have dented the Euro 2016 qualification hopes of Albania as Serbia recorded a 2-0 victory in clash at the Qemal Stafa stadium in Elbasan.

This is Serbia’s second victory in the group, but the team previously lost all chances to win a place in the continental championship due to take place in France in 2016.

The goals were scored by Kolarov (90th minute), and Ljajic (90+4 minute).

The match was marked by a heated atmosphere with over 2,000 police officers deployed as security.

Ahead of the match, Serbia’s national anthem was met with whistling protests and the fans at the stadium shouted Kosovo Liberation Army, and tied flags of Albania and Croatia were also displayed.

The defeat leaves Albania in need of a positive result in their final game to have any chance of earning automatic qualification from Group I.


  1. Congratulation’s to the Serbian team!!! The truth be told, I was cheering for my team Albania to take a clean victory, however that was not to be at this moment in football history as Serbia clearly played a better game, and am sure they were under a bit of tension given last years game in Belgrade were Serbian fans showed to the world great un-sportsmanship towards the Albanian team, that being said Serbia was clearly the better team today and I believe that under normal circumstances they could have scored a few more goals as the Albanian team really seemed to be unorganized most of the time, attacking with minimal strategy in place!!! I know we have a long road ahead but hopefully today will help mark a fresh beginning for Serbian and Albanian relations, so as to take a positive step in the right direction, and bring in a better and more peaceful future for both our nations!
    Again, congratulation’s to team Serbia, and enjoy your celebrations!!!

    • “…fresh beginning for Serbian and Albanian relations…” – NOPE! Albanians have to pay, sooner or later, for all monstrosities they’ve committed against Serbs…At the moment, we are witnessing Albanian hysteria, caused by NATO support to steal part of Serbia territory and fake inflated sense of might of Albanian people. Here is a reality that every Albanian should be aware of – we are going to take back what belongs to us!!!! Kosovo is Serbia – how about that for a fresh beginning..?

      • How about that for a fresh begging?
        Oh, another tough guy hmmm?
        I come here to congratulate Serbia’s win and you get all gung hoed, another mighty Serbian keyboard warrior!
        Well, let me tell you a little some some, when you do decide to come and take something that never was or never will be yours rest assured we little Albanians will be right here waiting, for your little triumph return! And rest assured whatever the fu.. Your name is, many and I mean many of your likes will be made permanent residents, here in Albanian Kosova!!!
        u don’t like fresh beginnings? Then we will remaine with the status quo. You’ll defiantly get your chance, that is if your leaders allow it?

    • Well said, Albania have come a long way and have players of quality. Serbia, although filled with talent, haven’t managed to click in the qualifiers at all. Well done to Serbia on the win!, Albania will be in tough in Armenia, if they can play for 90 + min. If they stay focused, they should win. Peace in the Balkans..