BELGRADE- Opposition MPs believe that Serbian citizens are justly disappointed because, 15 years after the October 5 changes, their expectations have remained unfulfilled.


Democratic Party (DS) whip Borislav Stefanovic told reporters in the parliament that October 5, 2000 was one of the brightest days in Serbian history as the day when a dictatorial regime that assassinated political opponents, put the country in isolation and committed an electoral fraud was toppled.

Everything that happened afterwards is a symbol of a political twilight, unfulfilled hopes and expectations, and the responsibility of the DS for that is enormous, Stefanovic said.

New Party (NS) leader Zoran Zivkovic is disappointed  with everything that has happened after October 5 and over the past 10 years in particular.

Janko Veselinovic from the Movement for Turnaround noted that in today’s society there are elements he had thought would be non-existent after October 5 – stifling of institutions, dictatorship and stifling of media freedoms, with one man making all the decisions and the opposition branded as the fifth column.

Serbia needs new changes and a new energy among citizens, Veselinovic said.