Presevo: Albanians chanted “Kill, slaughter Serbs”


BELGRADE – Albania’s qualification for the European Football Championship was the occasion for Albanians in Presevo and Bujanovac to organize celebration on Sunday night in these municipalities. However, the celebration turned into a serious provocation because Albanians, among other things, chanted “Kill, slaughter, so that there is no Serb”, writes Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.


Prosecutor’s Office in Vranje ordered the police to investigate all elements of the gathering, as well as raise criminal charges against unidentified persons for inciting racial, national and religious intolerance. The police is searching for the organizers of the gathering.

Serbs in Bujanovac were scared, and in addition disturbed by the fact that the police did not react.

“I am still upset, and the hardest thing for me was to explain to my children what is happening. I saw some colleagues, neighbours among those people,” said a Serb from Bujanovac.

The police said that they are working on this case in cooperation with Prosecutor’s Office, but that the gathering was not announced, and that, as Sladjan Velinovic – Chief of the police station in Vranje explained for the daily, the police reacted in accordance with “its authority”, but he did not want to specify what kind of reactions these were. Serbs in Bujanovac believe that the police had to react and not allow any “spontaneous gatherings” with nationalist cries.

Zoran Stankovic, president of the Coordinating Body for Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja, also strongly condemned the behavior of the Albanians:

“We demand from the authorities to, as soon as possible, investigate all the facts about this incident in accordance with the law. First of all it is necessary for the public to learn if the gathering was organized or spontaneous and who is behind the young people who sent these messages to their fellow citizens,” said Stankovic.

Young, dressed in jerseys of Albanian national football team watched the match in cafes in Bujanovac and Presevo, and later they spontaneous started celebration in the streets. First they chanted curses with pejorative for Serbs in Albanian, followed by chants in Serbian “Kill, slaughter, so that there is no Serb”. After driving through the streets of Presevo and gathering in front of the building of the local government a fireworks was organized.


  1. Sorry to say, but this is what Serbia has allowed. Mr Vucic you are spending too much time worried about the European Union and Merkl, instead of your own people your own Cultural and your own territory. Have you stepped back and seen what the EU is all about? Money! Nothing else. It’s money based on lies and removing identities. Look at Greece they have sold their Orthodox Faith to December 25th Christmas, they have sold their blood to soon they WILL recongize Kosovo as an independent country. Honestly I would not side with Russia eaither because they don’t care about Serbia, they care about the pipe lines and access to the Balkans. You Mr Vucic as a leader of Serbia should number 1: Close the border to these migrants (who cares what the other nations say about it).
    2. Forget the EU completely.
    3. Declare Kosovo at the UN as a province of Serbia.
    4. Exspell all these Terriost Albanians from Southern Serbia who chant kill Serbs.
    5. Bring the Serbian Army into parts of Serbia where the threat to national safety is broadcasted daily.
    6. Work on building Jobs for your citizens from what Serbia already has to offer.
    7. Declare Serbian Orthodoxy official religion of Serbia.
    8. Open the door for anyone who does not like living in Serbia to leave.
    9. Declare Serbia neutral states nation.
    10. Be a MAN!

      • Serbs did also chant many many many times “ubi ubi siptari” which means “kill kill albanians”…

        Albanians do it only one time and you are being crazy…

    • You ofcourse do understand that these people live in their rightful territories, where the fathers and grandfathers also did, and the fact that they now have a Serb government on top of them is more of a historical mistake rather than something that they wanted? You can ofcourse expel them, but then Kosovo would do the same to all the Serbs living within their borders.

      • No they are Serbian rightful territories. The Albanians only started spreading up after the Ottoman Turks came.
        Albanians are from much further south and there were also some Albanians in the very south of Italy. Venice brought some Albanians to Croatia’s cost to fight the Uskoks (pirates of Serb or Croat ethnicity) who had to be pirates since they had been pushed off their fertile land to the barren parts.
        Albanians were supplemented by those living in Italy several times.