“Some Western countries” attempt to change Serbia’s Kosovo stance


BELGRADE – Some Western countries are trying to make the opening of negotiation chapters in the EU talks and the normalisation of relations with Pristina conditional on a change in Serbia’s position on Kosovo’s status, the chairman of the parliamentary committee on Kosovo-Metohija Milovan Drecun warned Friday.


The goal of those efforts is that Serbia formally recognise the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo and pave the way for its UN membership, he told reporters.

The process of normalising the relations with Pristina is underway within a status-neutral framework and Serbia “cannot and will not give up on Kosovo-Metohija” because, under the Constitution, Kosovo-Metohija is a province in Serbia, he said.

At an international conference, Belgrade and Pristina might reach an agreement on Kosovo that would then have to be put to a referendum, he said.


  1. That will always just remain Uncle Sam’s wet dream.

    He can always fantasize but, the reality will always remain, “Unobtainable.” Kosovo does not have a Mojahid name. It is a Serbian name for good reason. Nor is it for sale as it is owned by Serbs as a people.