British MP: Serbia will be forced to recognize Kosovo


PRISTINA – Shortly before joining the European Union, Serbia will be forced to recognize Kosovo, said British MP, Karen Lumley.


“I would say that this will happen, and it will certainly be the end of the European integration of Serbia. Kosovo independence is not negotiable,” Lumley said according to GazetaExpress.

MP Lumley added that Serbia has long wished to join the EU, but the condition has been finding a solution of the situation with Kosovo. She said that she is happy to see progress take place.

Lumley stated that the EU is the only path for Serbia and there is no other choice in the current situation.


    • Karen Elizabeth Lumley is a Conservative Party politician in England. She has been the Member of Parliament for Redditch in Worcestershire since the 2010 general election, when she defeated former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. Wikipedia
      Born: March 28, 1964 (age 51), Barnsley
      Spouse: Richard Lumley (m. 1984)
      Party: Conservative Party

  1. England would be forced to recognize Scotland. Oh wait, even brighter idea would be that New York local govt would be forced to recognize Manhattan.

  2. That’s a no brainer, of course Serbia will have to recognize The Republic Of Kosovo as a independent country!
    At a time when the world is in chaos there exists no other path, as we the entire world knows that the 2 million inhabitants of Kosovo will never again allow for Serbian governance, occupation over their country again, as they would fight till the death to prevent Serbian rule again & Southern Europe would yet again be turned into a bloodbath! Who in their right minds would want this outcome, the world knows the sad history between the Albanian majority of Kosovo and serbs of Serbia all too much to make another reckless mistake again! The civilized world is looking to build a more peaceful, democratic and stable unified Europe, not a Europe with the real potential of bringing the entire union down at any given time?
    Again, Kosovo’s approximate 2 million citizens makeup 95-97 % of Kosovo’s population, with only 2-4% being Serbian if that?
    In fact, Serbia should be drawing up policies which help mend and strengthen ties between her and the Republic of Kosovo, ones which will promote democracy, stability, and friendship! It is in Serbia’s interests to surround herself with allies, not to create everlasting enemies around her and thus create instability in Southern Europe! Now, u do the math!
    Conclusion: Europe I am sure will not make another mistake as it did in the case of Cyprus!

    • If any government of Serbia foolishly recognizes Kosovo then they bring up their own end, most likely in a violent way. Not only for 2-4% (it’s actually about 35%) but for their cultural heritage and people who were ethnically cleansed from that area. “Democracy, stability and friendship” cannot florish at the expense of justice and equal rights for ethnically victimized people. It is in Serbia’s interest to surround herself with allies as is the case for any other country in Balkans, but that cannot be accomplished with giving up land, property and heritage rights for free. Instead it would get a treatment of only a vassal state. Instability is already created by narco-terrorist gang of KLA which helped terrorist pass into Europe that is called ISIS and that is the real factor which creates instability in not only the region but the whole land part of Europe as well. Accepting this terrorist passage would create a real everlasting enemy while causing a bloodbath for already victimized people.

    • Hello Rocky Camaj. Tell me, how much is the albania government paying you to force propaganda down people’s throats on various social media? :)

  3. Serbia doesn’t need EU If Serbia Joins EU there is going to be Big problems for Serbian Trade and forighn Investments , EU will be in control of Serbian country and EU will decide on it’s economy and Laws EU poicy is one shoe fits all and this is why all Balkan countries can’t trade with the rest of the world and this is why most of the EU members wants EU exit including United Kingdom. With Regards to Karen Elizabeth Lumley And Kosovo comment Serbia have to accept the loss of Kosovo. Well it’s strange UK captured Argentina FALKLANDS Islands which is situated is South America and guess what they Don’t want to Give those island back to Argentina. Terrorism is ok if its committed by America and UK.