Refugees hurry to enter Serbia

Photo: AP

TABANOVCE – Refugees from war-ravaged areas in the Middle East have speeded up and are in a hurry to enter Serbia from the direction of Macedonia, Goran Stojanovski, manager of the reception center in Tabanovce, northern Macedonia, said on Tuesday, adding that presently there are only around 30 people in the center.

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Earlier they stayed here a bit longer, between three and five hours, some of them even slept here. Now they do not delay leaving because they are afraid that Europe will make a new decision to seal the borders completely as it did in the case of economic migrants, Stojanovski told Tanjug.

Stojanovski said that refugees are sorted into groups at the Djevdjelija crossing so no economic migrants come to Tabanovce.

Only one train carring 806 refugees arrived in Tabanovce on Tuesday and they immidiately set off on foot towards Serbia, he said.