PRESEVO – Over 8,000 migrants arrived in Presevo reception centre in southern Serbia from Miratovac, on the border with Macedonia, over the past 24 hours, coordinator of the Presevo Youth Office Valjon Arifi said.

Illustration - Photo: Asher Wolf / Twitter - @Asher_Wolf
Illustration – Photo: Asher Wolf / Twitter – @Asher_Wolf

Alarmed by the fact that Slovenia is building a fence on the border with Croatia, migrants are hurriedly arriving by trains, buses, cars and taxis, Arifi told Tanjug’s correspondent late on Wednesday.

He noted that around 10,000 migrants passed through Miratovac and were registered there in the course of just 24 hours after the strike in Greece. Since a strike has been announced in Greece for Friday, we are expecting a lower refugee inflow over the next three days, after which the migrant wave is expected to increase and total around 20,000 people, Arifi said.