Vucic: Serbia to give EUR 5 mln to Srebrenica

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SREBRENICA – Serbia will on Monday transfer EUR 2 million to the municipality of Srebrenica for development of infrastructure, and has earmarked another EUR 3 million for future joint projects, Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday.

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Addressing an investment-development conference titled “Srebrenica 2015”, Vucic described this donation as an investment in the future.

“Serbia looks to the future and wants the best possible relations with Bosniaks – to build up the best future, to spend the next hundred years in peace, to ensure that we all live better. This is our small contribution to the shared future,” Vucic said.

He added that in 2015, Serbia had achieved good results and would like to set up a joint team with Republika Srpska and Bosnia-Herzegovina that would work on important projects.


Speaking further, Vucic said that Serbia would show that, apart from having respect for the past and understanding everything what had happened, it looked to the shared future with great optimism.

The Serbian prime minister underlined that he had also made clear his stance on the past events in that municipality by paying respects to the innocent Srebrenica victims at the Potocari Memorial Center on Wednesday.

Vucic arrived in Srebrenica early on Wednesday so as to take part in an investment development conference titled “Srebrenica 2015”.

This is Vucic’s second visit to Srebrenica, despite the fact that the investigation is yet to be completed into the July 11 attack on the Serbian prime minister and delegation.


  1. So when exactly does 19 nations of NATO earmark the Billions or Trillions owed to Serbia for crimes against humanity in their illegal devastation campaign? (Since we are on topic)

  2. Yes, I agree with Darcy Jovic above. When does NATO start paying compensation for the innocent lives lost, maimed and psychologically destroyed by their illegal sanctions and bombing raids??? When do the Serbs kicked out of Croatia and parts of Bosnia get their compensation from the respective governments? I mean, surely all the Serb refugees who fled to Serbia were displaced into Serbia. Who PAYS for that???

  3. It is not wise for Serbs to give money to their traditional enemies – it only strengthens their enemies towards their true ambitions of pushing Serbs out and keeping the land for themselves.
    That’s what happened when Serbian taxes flowed to Kosovo – the Albanians were in control in those times and they’d manipulate the funds to buy Serbs out or kept gradually terrorizing them out.

    This says nothing about all the Serbian villages around Srebrenica which were systematically destroyed by Naser Oric and the 28th Brigade as well as mobs of Bosnian Muslim “civilians” who would loot the Serb homes before they were destroyed.
    He doesn’t pay visits to the Serbia cemeteries and memorials to Serbs murdered by the Bosniaks and Croats.
    And Serbs were often tortured and mutilated horribly as they were killed. Autopsy reports show this as well as photos of the Serb victims during the war.

    It is not right to give Serbs’ tax money to their enemies instead of rebuilding and investing in poor Serbian areas in Serbia and BiH.
    It is known the Muslims in Srebrenica nowadays play dirty political games again against Serbs.