Djurovic: Serbia will never enter NATO


MOSCOW – Serbia is not going to join NATO and most Serbs are stalwartly opposed to their country entering the alliance, according to Aleksandra Djurovic, head of the Serbian parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.


Addressing the Russian Duma (the lower house of parliament) on Thursday, Aleksandra Djurovic, head of the Serbian parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, assured that her country will never enter NATO, given that the overwhelming majority of Serbs are unwilling to see their country join the alliance.

“Serbia sticks to military neutrality and does not want to become a member of NATO”, Djurovic said at a meeting of a Russian-Serbian parliamentary panel on cooperation.

She referred to the latest opinion polls, which showed that only 12 percent of Serbs support the idea of their country joining the block.

Djurovic also signaled the Serbian parliament’s support for Russian airstrikes on Daesh militants in Syria, but said that her country’s legislature will never back “the bombing of a state where the president was legitimately elected.”
“We will always be on the Syrian people’s side,” Djurovic said.

Earlier this year, the country’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia has no intention of joining NATO in the near future, adding that the people of Serbia “need to be very cautious” on the issue of NATO membership “because of our past, because of 1999,”,in a reference to NATO’s bombing campaign in Serbia at the time.

An estimated 15,000 tons of depleted uranium were dropped on Serbia during the Kosovo War, which claimed the lives of 1,500 people according to a 1999 statement made by then-vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Ralston.

Serbia has repeatedly affirmed its policy of military neutrality regarding NATO membership, even though the country remains a participant of NATO’s Partnership for Peace program for bilateral cooperation. In January 2015, Serbia deepened cooperation with NATO through an Individual Partnership Action Plan.


  1. This result would bring another;
    The Serbian people would go “NATO” on the government who proved to sell the nation out. Their would be only an exodus of many government people, their families and a lot of property damage for sure! No Serb dare become a national traitor, the conscious #1 Golden Rule.

  2. Serbia will never agree with Sanctions on Russia ?
    Well, as I am trying to follow your politicians on their blah blah statements I wouldn’t trust a word they are saying.
    They are under strong EU influence already. EU is complimenting Serbia every day with a fresh one how good the Serbians are and how good they know how to handle refugees/migrants etc.

    I do remember no so long ago NATO thus including EU countries, were bombing Serbia and killed many serbian people and brought a lot of destruction, sadness and division to Yugoslavia,.
    Be vigilant, Serbia, before you realize EU has taken your country away from you and from then on they see your country as their property to hand it over to US hegemony. That is the plan.
    After signing the Lisbon Treaty all EU countries have no own foreign policy anymore, no decisions on own economy (only locally), no own political decisions. All has been centralized and is coming from Washington. There is our Master and your new master. Your Government is degraded to be allowed to be occupied with local economical business.
    All other business is being controlled by US through Brussels.

    May God bless Serbia.

  3. Serbia is being seduced by a gang of traitors in the government. Are you going to ignore the Roman religion’s murderous hatred of the Serbs, past and present? Are you going to sell yourselves to the European beast’s corporate-fascist crumbs they throw at you from their wicked tables? It is so tragic that the American and European beasts are gobbling up the whole Continent. Only Russia can present (and is presenting) a check to their hellish designs. And you would do well to follow on Russia’s footsteps at this juncture, otherwise you’ll become an insignificant region of the Monstrous Beast.