Montenegro Invited To Join NATO


NATO foreign ministers have agreed to invite Montenegro to join the military alliance. The move is likely to lead to further deterioration in NATO’s relations with Russia, which sees the alliance’s expansion eastward as a threat to its national security.

“We congratulate Montenegro,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told the meeting at the alliance headquarters in Brussels.

“This is the beginning of a very beautiful alliance,” he added.

Montenegro’s parliament voted in September for a resolution to support the country’s accession to NATO. The resolution was passed by 50 votes out of 79, with the opposition calling for a national referendum on the issue.

The intention by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic’s government to make Montenegro part of NATO was one of the reasons for violent mass protests in the capital Podgorica in October, when thousands of people rallied in front of the parliament building to demand his resignation.

Djukanovic, who has been in power for two decades – both before and after Montenegro became independent from Serbia – was also accused of corruption, and of being responsible for the country’s poor economic performance and rising crime rate.


  1. A great move on NATOs part, as this give’s the alliance a key strategic area in Southern Europe( Balkans)!
    The Adriatic has been effectively cut off to Russian interference & the possibility of Russia creating a sphere of influence in the future!
    Now NATO should be thinking of how to roundup the last few remaining country’s that remain, like Kosova, Macedonia, and finally Serbia! Russia can expand to the east if it wants, let her deal with that outcome!!!

  2. Rocky – is a laptop troll constantly working to gin up a nuclear WAR betw Russia and NATO. Like those Turks who ambushed the Russian bomber in Syria then ran to hide behind NATO skirts. Cowards.

    • Spot on. Not to take these trolls seriously is the best response.
      Anyway, last protests in Montenegro was against those moves. Even the media did not report them clearly, police had to behave very harshly to avoid public outrage against the government. Therefore it would not be so easy as they expect.