Nikolic: Some people in Serbian gov’t carry interests of Western powers

Illustration Screenshot: TANJUG VIdeo

BELGRADE – It is obvious that there are people in some positions in the Serbian government who carry interests of the major Western powers that have recognized the independence of Kosovo-Metohija in their heads, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has said.

Illustration Screenshot: TANJUG VIdeo
Screenshot: TANJUG VIdeo

“Anyone who thinks that the policy of non-recognition of Kosovo is not good should go out in public and say that. Nothing would happen to them, of course, but we would know who we are dealing with,” Nikolic said in an interview for Saturday’s edition of Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti.

He said he did not doubt the prime minister, nor the people in the most serios positions, but he believed there were many who felt that they would perhaps be able to run their departments much easier had they not had an obligation to respect Serbian national interests and who knew they would reap benefits from various places.


  1. Mr Nikolic should explain to us why Serbia had never adopted Albanian as a second official language in Milosevic time when Kosovo was part of Serbia together with 1.5 million of Albanians there (same as whole city of Belgrade). it would make them accept SErbia as their home. There were many mistakes and mismanagement that Mr. Nikolic was part during the last 25 years.
    Now the question is how is it possible that Mr. Nikolic is questioning why there are people who decided to stop that spiral of losses for Serbia by acting rationally ?