BELGRADE – Sixty-five percent of citizens of Serbia are against its membership in NATO, while 13 percent is for, indicating a drop in support compared to 2009, when 20 percent of Serbian citizens supported Serbia’s integration into the organization, it was announced today at the Third Belgrade NATO week.

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MP of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and member of the permanent delegation of the National Assembly to NATO, Dragan Sormaz, believes that the poor support of Serbian citizens is a consequence of “a strong propaganda carried out against NATO.”

Speaking at the panel “Debate, yes, misinformation no: facts vs propaganda” he said that none of the governments since October 2000 has “bothered to explain to citizens what are the benefits of Serbia’s membership in NATO”.

On the occasion of the opening of negotiating chapters of Serbia and EU, Sormaz said that there are countries which are members of the EU, and are not members of NATO. However, as he said, Chapter 31 will come to order, and we will “definetly come under the security umbrella of NATO”.

Vice president of the Social Democratic Party Marko Djurisic agrees with him, saying that “NATO’s umbrella will cover Serbia”.

“All other alliances are too far for us to discuss them,” he said adding that the mood of Serbian citizens about Serbia joining NATO can change if one works on the framework for a conversation about the importance of Atlantic integration of Serbia.

President of the Atlantic Council of Serbia Vladan Zivulovic believes that media propaganda against NATO is a consequence of Russia’s influence in which, as he said, Serbian citizens work and make profit.