Position of Serbia’s Roma “nowhere near satisfactory”


BELGRADE – The position of Serbia’s Roma is still nowhere near satisfactory and discrimination against the national minority is most notable in education, employment, health care and housing, Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic said Tuesday.


“For years, there has been visible progress towards an improved position of the Roma, but a range of measures still needs to be taken to achieve substantial changes”, Jankovic told a conference on strategic directions for improving the position of the Roma community in Serbia.

Paradoxically, studies suggest that over 40 percent of citizens see the Roma as the most discriminated-against minority community but do not want them as neighbours, friends or tutors, she said.

Ivan Sekulovic from the Office for Human and Minority Rights said that the general objective of a new strategy is to improve the socio-economic position of the Roma minority in Serbia.