Robert De Niro: I feel like a Serb

BELGRADE – Famous actor Robert De Niro said that he personally feels like a Serb and that the greatest injustice was done to Serbs by Europe, but also by the whole world, when it was decided to bomb the small country in 1999, Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti” reported, citing “Sputnik”.


In an interview with British media De Niro said that Serbia is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but with the greatest torment.

The famous American actor said that the greatest injustice was done to Serbs by Europe, but also by the whole world, when it was decided to bomb the small country in 1999, Sputnik reported.

The actor said that he repeatedly said that he feels like a Serb, but that he could not understand why there are conflicts between Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks, when they are almost the same people, divided by the history.

He said that he likes to come to Serbia and that he likes Belgrade, where he stayed a long time ago.

De Niro said that he would like to film a historical movie about Serbia. His most inspirational Serbian historical figures are Draza Mihajlovic, who was the first guerilla fighter against fascism and Slobodan Milosevic, who was, according to him, a tragic figure with Shakespearean caliber.


  1. Three cheers for the Godfather, (of all people)! Let us hope also that Robert De Niro reads columns like those of Carl Savich, among others (perhaps also Alexandra Rebich), so that he can appreciate just how deep this historical division is, and also how the West (most especially Winston Churchill, who was backed by the Rothschilds) betrayed them in the War.
    To anyone who still would defend the West’s crimes in Kosovo and the Krajina, consider how the State Dept. has now gone on to “establish peace in Syria”! The wall of silence orchestrated by such public-spirited entities as Ruder & Finn, Hill & Knowlton, and the print and broadcast media continues to crack!

    • *To anyone who still would defend the West’s crimes in Kosovo and the Krajina, consider how the State Dept. has now gone on to “establish peace in Syria”!*

      And look what they did to Libya. That country is in chaos and has violent Islamic gangs, including ISIS, jockeying for power. Not to mention that Iraq turned into an incubator for ISIS after the U.S. got done installing a puppet government and revamping its army.

      • Home in on Hillary (and her Mafia) here, who rode roughshod over other ongoing official efforts to work with the Qaddafi government on the faked news that Qaddafi was preparing a mass slaughter. These same people simply now cannot accept the reality that the Presidency is not hers!
        Oh yes; and when it comes to puppets let’s remember the parade of puppets put in charge of Serbia with Western money, but also Saakashvili, who was stripped of his Georgian citizenship when he went to work in service of another puppet, Ukraine’s Poroshenko. Good point.

  2. I would have to agree that Serbia internationally got a bum rap; after all there were killers on all sides, but the entire disintegration was furthered by western economic warfare. understanding yes, no more blaming. handke, too, got the shaft, for opposiing the single-mineded blaming of serbs and certain serbians. vide [link]

    • The mainstream media was even showing Serbs killed by Croats and Muslims and claiming they were non-Serbs killed by Serbs.
      So they used the murdered bodies of Serbs, including Serbian children, to increase hatred and blame for Serbs.

      For instance, at the beginning of the Bosnian war, there were 2 Serbian children killed on a bus. The funeral for these children, before it was interrupted by a bomb attack, was being officiated by a Serbian priest, since they were Serbs.
      Thinking people saw this on a French TV station and noted the Christian symbols, while a Greek-American woman, Stella Jatras, who happened to see it realized they were Serbian because of the priest.

      Then she saw the same funeral on CNN, but with the priest carefully cropped out of the scenes, while CNN claimed they were Bosnian Muslim children killed by Serbs.
      Upon seeing that, Stella Jatras became an activist against the lies and demonization of the Serbs. Since she was awoken to the mainstream media’s ways near the beginning of the war, she was able to catch many of their lies.
      CNN and mainstream media also showed a slaughtered Vukovar Serbian family (axed and stabbed to death by Croats) and claimed they were Croats. Even though the family and all their identities were known and they were 100% Serbs.

      The mainstream would even show victims in the Croat-Muslim war – (which broke out in the middle of the Bosnian war and lasted over 16 months, and involved some of the most intense fighting, including the collapse of the super sturdy Mostar bridge) – and would claim they were killed by Serbs, instead of Muslims and Croats.

      The whole wars were run like that – with outright lies, exaggerations, rumors, out-of-context stories (for example failing to mention Serbs were responding to initial Muslims baiting them with mortars to start something).

      The crimes of the Muslims and Croats has been covered up, and they were tremendous and VERY GORY.

      Unlike, Muslims and Croats, Serbs show some actual official autopsy reports and also photos of fully identified Serbs who were mutilated by Croats and Muslims.

      There’s a gruesome photo of the head of a decapitated Serb man stuck with a pitchfork through it on a door. I think that happened in Brcko.

      By the way the Croatian army penetrated and occupied parts of BiH at the very beginning of the war, and they were in there, 40,000 strong, throughout the war. It was an “open secret” of the international community. It was kept silent and Croatia was never threatened with sanctions or bombing because of it.

      And these were Croatian forces from Croatia, NOT Bosnian Croats.

      • When it comes to anything to do with USA, they follow the Romans in their precision of re-writing history. So many films from America, writings and documentaries are re-invented for the American justice and propaganda machine. They can literally convince those who know no better that black is white. I have been sick and tired of watching and listening to Americans and their version of the world. Americans never do their homework, they are crude and uncouth when it comes to the culture and lives of other countries, simply because they have none of their own, culture and tradition means nothing to them, it makes life easier for them to play with the “bad and good” and represent countries they do not like as “evil” and those they wish to portray as “white” and “good” perfectly straight forward. KLA were on USA list of terrorists, then in an instant they are revolutionaries freeing the people of Kosovo. Serbia has been a good friend and ally, standing up practically alone against Nazi tyranny and helping the Allies, that is all forgotten and they are seen as the evil of the Balkans, no reference to the fact that the countries USA is now sidling up to, giving preferential favours to were all enemies. USA portrays life, history and the good and evil in men as they please. No truth is included.

      • Animal media…propaganda and brainwashing…thank you for sharing….ppl are waking up to the BS

  3. Robert Di Niro is sooo correct! how ever it must be said that in Belgrade there is little friction between any of the ethnic groups that made up the old yugoslavia, but beware if your a Serb visiting Zarabe or Debrovnik let alone Kosova.Oh i’m not Serbian but have been visiting there for over 35yrs and see the tragic results of European and American ignorance and short sightedness ……….hidden agenda!? would love to see a DI NERO movie about serbia.lovely land lovely people who deserve the world to hear the other side of their story

  4. If the power of celluloid can bring truth to the world about Serbia, the Mr Di Niro you are the finest choice to do so.

  5. Not the Sebs alone,but the other Orthodox to,like Armenian,Assyrians,Greeks,Cypriotics are the victims of the American policie

  6. Last time I seen Rob in a movie mentioning Serbs was with Travolta, in which the movie makers (slanderers of Serbs) insinuated Serbs didn’t exist in Bosnia, but Serbs from Serbia invaded Bosnia in 1990s, rather than the truth that indigenous Serbs in Bosnia rising up against Islamic massacres. The movie prior to that that he mentions Serbs was about Conney Island area looking like armed Serbs ransacked it. But, that’s the movies. If you need to watch a movie to feel good then you are a patient of Hollywood.

    • Yes, that’s what makes me suspicious of his motives. It seems he may just be wanting to play, what he thinks, could be a juicy role, so maybe he is (false) flattering Serbs, so they support him playing these parts in a film.

      Plus, when the films are made, it may not be made to make Serbs as he is saying – they may still stick it with a lot of anti-Serb propaganda, nonetheless. (And if that happens, he could claim innocence by pointing to these statements.) There are plenty of Serb filmmakers who are happy to do any Serb propaganda and play into the Hollywood depiction of them.

      • I have to agree, I thought what a genuine and good idea at first, then what a method actor he is, what a good film to keep his name and people talking about his work. We have some brilliant Serb actors who come to UK regularly, I would like to see them in a docu-film of their own country, with the heart and soul only they know how.

  7. Did the author of this piece wonder why Rober De Niro, if he feels like a Serb and is such a Serbophile, made that awful film “Killing Season” that makes Serbs look like crazed killers? Thanks a lot De Niro! You’re a hypocrite and money is much more important to you than anything you say.