BELGRADE – Serbia is looking for a partner to buy Montenegro’s Port of Bar, and that is also why it is so important to work on all road and railway routes, in particular the ones towards Montenegro, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said late Tuesday.


“I think that we can buy the Port of Bar and I have also discussed this with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang because we want no hostile takeover. We want to own the Port of Bar and I think that there will be no political problems – there will be no financial problems either if we find a partner,” Vucic said on a Prva TV talk show.

Serbia needs the Port of Bar for several reasons, but primarily for exports of its products, he said.

Serbia needs to reindustrialise and the port is necessary if the country wants to export copper, agricultural end products and other commodities, Vucic said.


  1. “”I have also discussed this with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang “”

    If you have to ask the Chinese you idiot, to prevent a hostile takeover then, you are where you don’t belong!

    Business 101.

  2. If not the Chinese, then maybe the Russians? Who else will help Serbia? Certainly not the good old USA! Maybe an online investment campaign pledge drive? Whoever she partners with, Serbia had better make certain that she runs the show.

  3. But I thought Serbia had good use of one of the Greek ports. I remember some Serb saying that when Montenegro separated.

    Also, what would happen if Serbia bought it but Montenegro became part of NATO?

    Also, what about going in with Hungary, Romania, and/or Bulgaria?