BELGRADE – There are 55 intelligence agencies from 40 countries active in Serbia today, and, according to official data of our security experts, the most active spies are from 10 foreign secret services, writes “Vecernje Novosti”.


Of them, the most influential are those from CIA, British MI6, German BND, Russian FSB, but, as experts explained for the daily, the most aggressive agents are from Croatian SOA. Shoulder to shoulder with them are spies from Turkey, Iran, but also from Kosovo.

Darko Trifunovic, a professor of security from Belgrade, otherwise an expert on the intelligence services in the world and Serbia, says that foreign agencies spy our politicians, but also encourage secession of certain parts of our territory. Croats, whose spies are engaged in economic espionage, are especially active.

“Croatian agents reveal the most favorable conditions for the purchase of Serbian land in Vojvodina. After purchase, Croatian buyers get documents in Osijek and label it as Croatian government’s property,” said Trifunovic.

Speaking on the activity of Turkish secret service, political analyst Tomislav Kresovic says that it has been “more than active lately”.

“They aim to exercise plans of the official Istanbul to include Raska, BiH, Kosovo and Macedonia into an Ottoman system in the Balkans. The process is coordinated from two intelligence centers, in Vienna and Novi Pazar. And it is being carried out in cooperation with agents of Arabian countries and Albania,” said Kresovic.

Experts also said that American CIA “authorized Turkish agency to actively operate on the territory of Serbia”, and especially in the Raska region, where it is engaged in political propaganda, spreading of Islamism, etc.

“Croatian and Turkish spies, each in their own way, work to break Serbia,” said professor Trifunovic. Official Zagreb wants to achieve this by funding organizations and parties in Serbia that advocate secession of Vojvodina and creation of dominant position of Croatian companies in Serbia. And official Istanbul does it by organizing and financing the movement of Bosniaks for the secession of the Raska region.”

According to experts, the US and CIA now hold Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania when it comes to intelligence. And, as they say, “there they govern the unrest”. After all, the US National Security Agency eavesdrop on a large number of mobile phones in the Balkans.

“CIA and MI6 agents in particular keep an eye on those who favor Russia and Germany, because the US and UK are currently losing the battle against the spread of interests of Moscow and Berlin on the territory of Serbia. To weaken the relationship between Serbia and Russia, foreign agencies act in synchronization to destroy the reputation of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Croatia,” said Tomislav Kresovic.

According to Serbian counter-intelligence, foreign spies, via their associates, are settled in high-ranking positions in business companies, many non-governmental organizations, even in Serbian secret police. In fact, British MI6 used an agent of BIA as its spy who falsely testified in the Hague Tribunal against many prominent Serbs, according to Zoran Mijatovic, former head of the security service and the author of the book “Foreign agencies, blacksmiths of the Hague justice”.

“Foreign spy agencies were involved in cooperation with the top leadership of the former KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army / UCK), but also financing of some of our political parties,” said Mijatovic, who himself was a target of foreign agencies.

One of the leading Serbian military intelligence officers, Jovan Milanovic, a retired general, testifies that foreign countries, through their agencies, tried to rule Serbia, and adds that some of Serbian politicians have fallen under the influence of the foreign intelligence agencies since 2000.