PRESEVO – Since June, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has donated equipment worth over USD 264,000 for Serbian police at the Presevo reception centre, UNHCR Representative in Serbia Hans Friedrich Schodder said on Saturday, announcing that the UNHCR will provide USD 16 million in aid to Serbia in 2016.

Illustration - Photo: Supplied
Illustration – Photo: Supplied

Under a regional response plan, UN agencies and partners propose earmarking a total of USD 45 million for Serbia next year, Schodder told Tanjug at the Presevo centre.

This year, the UNHCR provided USD 6.2 million to help the Serbian government deal with the refugee crisis, he said.

Schodder noted that the goal is to provide suitable accommodation for refugees while also helping the people of Serbia in the process.

We are assisting the Serbian government and it is all a result of team work, Schodder said.