PRESEVO – Serbian Minister of Veteran Policy Aleksandar Vulin commented on the ICTY order for a re-trial of former head of Serbia’s state security service Jovica Stanisic and his deputy Franko Simatovic by saying that the ICTY was a political court.


“I have to say that the ICTY proved once again that is a political court and a court which does not use the same criteria for members of different nations. What else but political can I call a court which can acquit (Ramus) Haradinaj and Naser Oric, despite having written evidence that these people killed other human beings with their own hands, quash its own verdict without any legal basis, and now that the trial is over, change the rules that had been applied during the trial and take everything back to the beginning. I have never had a high opinion of the Hague tribunal and now it’s even lower,” Vulin said Thursday.