BELGRADE – Albanian media broadcast a documentary by French Television “Canal+” on the investigation that revealed how Kalashnikovs were smuggled from Albania to France, which were used in the attack on the newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”, as well as in the recent attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.

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Documentary by Swiss journalist Vanina Kanban titled “The path of Kalashnikov” was released on Monday in Albanian media and speaks about how Kalashnikovs, which had previously been used only on battlefields, can now be found in large quantities everywhere in Europe.

To infiltrate in several terrorist groups Vanina Kaban arrived in Albania in April 2014 and herself followed the path of Kalashnikovs which arrived from Albania to Europe, RTS reports.

Upon arrival in Albania she met with weapon dealers and the people who transported weapons into Western Europe.

The reporter asked one of the smugglers if he is aware that the weapons kill people in Europe, to which he replied that it is all just business.

During the trip the smuggler told her that if the police stops them, she should say that they are recording features on beaches and tourism in Albania and that, if they seize her camera she should hide the memory card in her underwear, because they “will lose their heads” if discovered.

In an interview Kanban did with a person who procures weapons, she was told that he earns 25,000 euros a year and that he is scared but that he has no other way to survive.

The documentary published very important evidence for the fight against terrorism and arms control, according to media reports.