PRISTINA – Tens of people have blocked the entrance of the Orthodox Church in Djakovica, while the police has erected iron barricades to allow the entry of Serb pilgrims in the church to celebrate Christmas, Gazeta Express reports.


Albanians from Djakovica are opposing the return of Serbs who once participated in the Kosovo war. Sanije Berisha, whose son was killed during the war, said that what happened to Djakovica was “similar to the massacre of Srebrenica”.

“I will stand here. Djakovica is the second Srebrenica. We will not allow “shkije” (pejorative term for Serbs) to pass, because they killed my 17-year old son”, she said.

The protesters are being stopped by Kosovo police and special units are also seen observing the protesters.

The bus carrying the pilgrims is expected to reach Djakovica very soon, while the Kosovo Police Special Units have surrounded the church.

KosovaPress has reported that as a result of Kosovo police intervention and the objection by citizens, one protester was arrested.

Following the intervention, police has managed to remove the protesters from the church entrance.