Croatia Indicts Dragan Vasiljkovic For War Crimes

Photo: RTV

BELGRADE – A Croatian court has indicted a former Serb paramilitary commander for committing war crimes during the country’s 1991-95 war.

Photo: RTV
Photo: RTV

The indictment came on January 8, six months after Dragan Vasiljkovic, also known as Captain Dragan, lost a nine-year battle to block his extradition to Croatia from Australia.

Vasiljkovic is accused of torturing and killing captive Croatian soldiers and police officers in the Serb rebel stronghold of Knin in 1991 and in Bruska in 1993, and of drawing up a plan to attack the police station in Glina and neighboring villages in July 1991.

“During the attack, civilian buildings were damaged or destroyed, the population was forced to flee, property was looted and civilians were killed or wounded,” prosecutors said.

Vasiljkovic was arrested in 2006 in Australia, where he worked as a golf instructor.


  1. Well, there is a big surprise, he is Serbian, they are Croatian, got to be guilty, so where are all those squeaky clean, judgemental, oh so innocent hypocrites judging this man? Where are the Croat war criminals? Still hiding behind the skirts of USA? There was never going to be any other outcome – doesn’t the Hague and its rod up the ass cronies get sick of listening to their never ending broken record. Damn every one of you, going to the ends of the earth for every Serb you can find, well at least we know what you can do very well, persecute anyone you disapprove of, bomb their country, purge their armies and break every law that is not in your favour to pursue and destroy the ones left living for they are testimony to your own crimes.

    • Beautifully said (if one can so describe anything connected with the West as beautiful). No one could have done it better; except that now not only must NATO gobble up tiny Montenegro, thanks to its quisling government, but also arm Croatia (!) with ballistic missiles for its defense (of the indefensible!) against the Serbs until they “see the light”. Isn’t it amazing how clearly we can see the speck in our neighbor’s eye so far away, when one considers the myopia of our own?