DSS in coalition with Dveri against euro-fanatic Serbia

Photo: Dveri

BELGRADE – The non-parliamentary Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) decided on Saturday to take part in the forthcoming elections at all levels in a coalition with the Dveri movement within the patriotic bloc.

Photo: Dveri
Photo: Dveri

DSS leader Sanda Raskovic-Ivic told reporters that the party was officially launching its election campaign on Saturday.

She said that citizens should go to the polls in great numbers, noting that the elections had been necessary as “this government destroyed Serbia, turning it into a regional leader in misery “.

The DSS leader accused the government of pursuing a euro-fanatic policy, and making concessions that had led to a fall in living standards, and debt slavery under the IMF, a reduction in salaries and pensions, higher jobless rates and the surrender of Kosovo-Metohija to ethnic Albanian separatists.