BELGRADE – Former NATO Secretary-General George Robertson said Tuesday in Pristina that some time ago DNK analysis revealed that he has Albanian genes patrilineal.

Photo: Wikimedia
Photo: Wikimedia

Robertson, who is in visit to Kosovo at the invitation of the President of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga, at a lecture to students of the “Univerzum” faculty said that he did not have information about Albanian genes at the time NATO bombed Yugoslavia.

After visiting the village of Klek, in the municipality of Glogovac, where he laid flowers at the memorial plaque to those killed in this place, Robertson gave a lecture at the Univerzum, where he enthusiastically spoke about the NATO action to save civilian population in Kosovo, stressing that the motto was “Serbs out, peacekeepers in, refugees back”. Speaking about current situation in Kosovo, he asked the young not to leave the country and build their future in Kosovo.

Robertson said that tear gas and violence are not the solution to the problems and disputs between the government and the opposition, and he asked the government of Kosovo to prevent corruption so Kosovo would progress and get into NATO and the EU.

President of Kosovo handed out yesterday evening in Pristina a Golden Medal of Freedom to Robertson, awarded to him by the former President Ibrahim Rugova.

As said in a statement from her cabinet, President Jahjaga, during the meeting with Robertson, expressed gratitude of the people and institutions of Kosovo for the help the Great Britain provided to Kosovo in the most difficult period and in the stage of creation of its statehood.

“President Jahjaga said that the intervention of NATO, whose member is the United Kingdom, was decisive to stop the genocide in Kosovo and for the salvation of people of Kosovo. Jahjaga praised the contribution that Lord Robertson gave to Kosovo in the protection of democratic values of the advanced world,” says the statement.

Robertson expressed his gratitute for the award and honors he received. He said that NATO’s intervention was fair and an issue that has defined his life. He said that he was proud of the achievements of Kosovo and added that Kosovo’s future is the hands of its citizens.