“German girls are just there for sex”

Pegida Marches In Leizpig after over 100 women have filed charges of sexual assualt - Photo: Getty Images

BELGRADE – Germany was rocked by yet more migrant sex attack allegations today after it emerged one refugee told his victim she was “just there for sex” as he groped her whilst another group stoned two women in the street, express.co.uk reported.

Pegida Marches In Leizpig after over 100 women have filed charges of sexual assualt - Photo: Getty Images
Pegida Marches In Leizpig after over 100 women have filed charges of sexual assualt – Photo: Getty Images

Horrific details of another bout of sex attacks allegedly carried out by recently arrived refugees provoked more fury across the country tonight as calls to clamp down on mass migration continued to grow.

Police reports from the city of Dortmund released today claimed that a recently arrived refugee told one young woman that German girls are “just there for sex” after he approached her in the street and offered her money to sleep with him.

They also described a shocking incident in which three migrant men seemingly tried to impose Sharia Law on the streets of Germany, attempting to stone two women in public.

The disturbing reports are just the latest in an avalanche of revelations about refugee sex crimes to emerge since the sickening attacks in Cologne, when 1,000 migrant men went on the rampage raping and robbing women out celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Both incidents allegedly happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, when packs of migrants targeted women who had been out for the night in Dortmund.

The police report, published by the Presse Portal website, reveal how at 3.48am a gang of several refugees approached a 25-year-old German woman and hurled “filthy” insults at her as she made her way home from the city’s train station.

When she ignored them one of the group – a man described as around 30 years old and “remarkably small” – apparently followed her and asked her to have sex with him in exchange for money.

When the woman refused he reportedly told her he had only just arrived in Germany and assumed that “German women are there for sex” before reaching into her blouse and trousers and groping her.

The terrified woman managed to break free and call the police, at which point the perpetrator fled. Police are still hunting him and have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

A second shocking incident also allegedly took place the same night near the same train station, when a gang of migrant men attacked two women in the street by throwing stones at them.

The migrants, who spoke Arabic and are described as north African in origin, hurled sordid insults at the transgender women and claimed that they had to “stone” such people under Islamic law.

They then picked up stones from a nearby flower bed and threw them at the terrified women – one 50 and the other 37 – who were lucky to escape unhurt.

Shockingly the migrants also allegedly sexually assaulted the pair, stroking their hair and groping their breasts before police officer on patrol spotted them and moved in.

One of the women told police: “Within seconds we were tossed around…and they took stones from a gravel bed on the corner and threw them at us,’ said one of the alleged victims.”

Another told German TV station Sat1: “This is barbaric what they have done, they were barbarians.”

The trio, all in their teens, tried to flee but were arrested and taken to the local police station. A later investigation revealed that two of them were already known to authorities for past offences.


  1. So it means that for a rapist to be, one must have a brown or black skin, must be out of the Europe, must be a Muslim. A white skinned, Non-Muslim, European cannot be a rapist, thanks to his superior blood, race and religion. What happened in Germany was shameful but they way it is being portrayed is also shameful. InSerbia is no exception to the sensationalist journalism. Those mongering fear due to their racial and religious grudge, should realize that it was their forefather in the past, and their present rulers, who also have plundered and destroyed other societies and countries. And their unabated vicious greed has resulted in this refugee crisis and among the genuine refugee, the criminal minded people have also entered the Europe. Please do not forget the not so distant past, when Europe was submerged in the cold fog of extremism and ignorance. Or the history has just started now that Europeans have re-learnt to be civilized. Dare to the Admin to post this.