KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – Oliver Ivanovic’s lawyer Ljubomir Pantovic said that the nine-year prison sentence was bordering on scandal. Pantovic said the defense team would appeal the verdict.


In my 21 years of doing this job, I have never heard it can be possible for a court to say that Oliver Ivanovic did not order or commit a single murder and still find him guilty.

The explanation of the court is truly perplexing, said Pantovic.

“I can’t see how the court will explain away its position that Oliver Ivanovic is guilty. The verdict is practically a scandal,” Pantovic said, stressing that the defense would do everything possible to overturn the verdict in the appeals procedure and have the outcome in favor of Ivanovic.

Ivanovic’s conviction will affect Kosovo stability

The conviction of Citizens’ Initiative SDP leader Oliver Ivanovic will affect the political stability and the security situation in northern Kosovo-Metohija, Milovan Drecun, chairman of the Serbian parliamentary committee on Kosovo-Metohija, said Thursday.

“Many Serbs will feel that the court was not objective enough and that it is a message to Serbs that they may be tried for something they have not done,” Drecun told Tanjug.

The trial was controversial from the start and the validity of witnesses accusing Ivanovic of alleged crimes was problematic, as were their statements and the fact that Ivanovic was not allowed to remain free pending a verdict despite Serbian government guarantees, Drecun said.

“All this indicated a potential politicisation of the trial,” Drecun said.