VIENNA – Over the past years, Serbia has proved that it is a dependable partner of the EU and that it is ready to assume the role of regional leader, says Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.


The numerous reforms undertaken by Serbia over the past years – especially economic reforms – and the necessary efforts in the rule of law have laid the foundations for a better Serbia with better prospects, Kurz told Tanjug.

The reform trend must continue – not only to ensure that the country can make progress in its EU accession talks, but also to improve the everyday life of Serbian citizens, he said.

Serbia has become an important source of stability in the Western Balkans, the Austrian minister also said.

Last year was challenging for all of us and I would like to thank the Serbian government and citizens once again for their treatment of refugees and their conduct in the refugee crisis, Kurz underscored.

Good-neighbourly relations are part of the EU membership conditions, he noted, adding that he believes that the entire region has made significant progress in this regard.