BELGRADE – Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said “the stability the Government manages to conduct in Serbia is not suitable to all.”


He said that this is not suitable “to some people even on the inner plan”, stating that “there is information that certain people will try, with fake reports, to say that some journalists in Serbia are being followed, although, as he said, there is no evidence of it.”

“The last example that I want to mention – we have information that several persons will make false complaints against the Ministry of Interior to claim that some journalists in Serbia are being followed. A journalist, who is a journalist from the time of Slobodan Milosevic, so a long time journalist in Serbia, will say that she has been followed for a long time and it should appear soon, in the next few days,” said Stefanovic.

“A representative of a journalists’ association, I will not say who, is supposed to appear in public and say it as a scandalous matter, although there is no evidence or it has ever happened,” he added.

As he said, “over this will react the Prosecutor’s Office, the procedure will be carried out and the institutions will do their job.”