BELGRADE – April 24 seems almost set as the election date, and a dissolution of the parliament is more likely than a resignation of the prime minister, says Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic.


Elections preceded by a prime minister’s resignation are logical if the government has done a poor job or when the opposition proves that conditions exist for snap elections, which is in no way the case with Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s government, Nikolic said.

“Here, the idea is that the government check with the citizens whether it has done enough and whether it has enough time to do all that it has promised to do, and that is no reason to resign,” Nikolic told TV Pink in an interview.

If the elections are slated for late April – and the date will be decided on by Prime Minister Vucic – they are likely to be called in March, Nikolic said, adding that he is confident that the Serbian Progressive Party will continue to lead the government after the elections.