BELGRADE – Serbia’s electric power company EPS will become a joint-stock company by July 1 to demonstrate to citizens that it is operating under conditions dictated by the market, EPS Director Aleksandar Obradovic has announced.


He told the company magazine EPS Energija that the EPS becoming a joint-stock company by July is an obligation towards the IMF and that the transition from a public enterprise should show that there is no more room for the company to rely on the state.

“Profit and efficiency will be the only benchmarks of our success,” Obradovic said.

The EPS has proved to be the public enterprise that has gone farthest in reforms and that it was the first to move from words to actions, he said.

The completion of the transition to a joint-stock company by July 1 is backed by the government, the Ministry of Mining and Energy and other ministries, Obradovic said.